Types of projects:

  1. Planning, Procurement, Setup and ongoing IT Management.
  2. IT Maintenance, Monitoring, Support and Security.
  3. Business Continuity Services and Disaster Recovery Planning.
  4. Secure Cloud Computing Solutions.
  5. Hosted Exchange and On-premise Exchange Server Maintenance.
  6. Server Virtualization Services.
  7. Remote Office Connectivity (VPN) Configuration and Support.

Our IT consulting Services provide a proven IT strategy to save our clients' money and keep employee productivity to its maximum potential. CMA does more than just sell servers and computers, we enable small businesses to get more efficiency out of their IT infrastructure.

Our Consulting Process

  • Initial Meeting: We start by meeting with you, the decision maker to understand your current processes and define the future needs of your organization.
  • Project Scoping and Planning: The scope of a project is tied directly to the proposed business processes and IT systems that the project is going to deliver. We guide you through the project scoping and planning process to help you uncover the specific details of what the project is going to deliver. This is done before and after the process starts, so we can set realistic goals and expectations, and create a definitive plan of action.
  • Business Process and System Design: Regardless of whether the project is to implement new software, integrate crossplatform systems, or set up your entire computer network for the managed services, the change will have some impact on business processes and systems. The documentation of your business processes and system requirements are fundamental to a successful project scoping and processes.

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