Proactive Support will:

  1. Protect your business with 24/7 computer systems uptime monitoring.
  2. Ensure Server RAID disk storage subsystem health.
  3. Latest operating system updates and security patches.
  4. Monitoring of critical server services.
  5. Perform computer vulnerability checks.
  6. Monitor hacker intrusion attempts.
  7. Monitor critical events in application, system and security logs.
  8. Monitor hardware health metrics such as temperature, voltage, etc.
  9. Monitor computer system resources, memory, hard drives, and CPU load.

CMA remote monitoring enables us to catch small problems and rectify them quickly before they become potential disasters that could bring your workforce productivity to a halt. From predictive hard drive failures to hacker alerts, our remote monitoring tools allow us to proactively maintain your IT infrastructure, enhance security and maximize network uptime and availability.


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